Waiting Room

Nestled in a side street in Taipei, the independent record store Waiting Room

I am a huge fan, while travelling, of independent music stores. It is easy to find the popular music of any given international destination – just turn on a radio – but the indie scene is always a lot more distinctive and vibrant to me. I have a habit of going into one of these stores and simply buying a few CDs that look interesting. This strategy certainly worked well in Taipei, which boasts a couple of indie stores well worth visiting.

Waiting Room is one such store. It’s surprisingly unassuming, located in an nondescript alleyway and lacking anything in the way of immediately obvious signage; that is it with the white frontage in the above photograph. Inside the shop is small but fascinating, with a modest but well-curated range of vinyl and CD as well as a variety of t-shirts, and very friendly and helpful service.

Waiting Room
When: last visited on 26 October 2016
Where: 10491, Taiwan, Taipei City, Zhongshan District, 長安西路40巷10弄1號號
Web: http://waitingroomtw.bigcartel.com/
Disability access: The shop is on a single floor at street level, although inside it may get a little cramped for wheelchairs.

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